What Parcel Service To Use?

If you want to send a parcel to a customer at home or abroad, these days there are quite a few ways in which you can ship your parcel to them, you are no longer just restricted to using your local post office.

In most countries you can use the following parcel services – same day parcel service, local post service and next day parcel courier.

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages:

Same day parcel service – Ideal for shipping documents or small parcels, commonly on the back of a motorbike, which enables them to be delivered faster than a van would do, but this does limit the parcel size. They are also handy for delivering small items of high value, as it is hard to hijack a bike easily. The downside is they can be quite expensive, particularly over long distances.

Local postal service – They commonly offer a wide range of shipping options from sending a normal letter to sending packets or parcels. Shipping options include first or second class post, recorded delivery (Must be signed for), registered delivery (Guaranteed next day delivery), or parcel post suitable for large items that do not need delivering in a hurry. They are one of the cheapest ways of sending a parcel but offer limited parcel tracking options, and you have to take the parcel to them, which can use up a lot of time. Send Parcels to USA

Next day parcel courier – These are one of the most frequently used methods of carrying parcels the World over due to the service they offer. You book a pickup and they then come and pickup your parcel from your premises in a pre-arranged time slot. They then deliver your parcel the next day to your customer. They also offer full online tracking services so you can see exactly where your goods are at any time. They cost less than the post office for larger weight parcels that need a next day delivery.

They commonly operate a nationwide overnight service, yet are also one of the most common methods used to ship parcels to other countries or other continents.

These are the main ways of shipping parcels although other bespoke services exist, for large or heavy parcels as an example.

Overall the next day parcel courier is often the best option for a lot of businesses when you consider it on a pound for pound value for money basis.


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