Which RC Helicopter Gyro Fits Your Flying Style?

The radio controlled helicopter gyroscope is an electric device that is made so that the body of the helicopter can revolve around it’s axis.

The gyro is fitted between the rear rotor and the receiver. It is able to sense any chance in the rotation movement and atones the force switching the angle of the rotor, thus creating a force in the opposite location nullifying the effect. fit to fly lateral flow test 

There are a lot of gyro’s available in the marketplace and price of each is different. The price of the gyro depends on which features it has from the factory. The more advanced it is, the more it will cost.

But for the most part, all gyro’s provide the simple function of controlling the axial rotation of the heli.

Being a beginner, a constant hold would be nice to start. The constant heading hold addon lets you have complete control of the side, backward, and forward motions while keeping the helicopter tail still.

Sometimes this feature can be useful because it lets the beginner have complete control of the helicopter without worrying about the tail.

The most used brands of RC helicopter gyro’s available in the market include Futaba, JR Futaba being the most used and is available in many models.

Futaba makes a wide range of radio controlled helicopter gyros with advanced countenance like AAVCS Active Angular Velocity Control System. These features make the gyro stable and very accurate while functioning.

The newest series being the GY from Futaba, which is made for all different models, like the GY240, GY401, GY502, etc.

All of my experiences with gyros have been easy to setup. Just simply follow the instructions and you really should not have any problems.

If you are thinking about getting into the RC Helicopter hobby, you will absolutely need to know about rc helicopter gyros and how they work. Luckily, if you read the part of this article, you do!

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